Misconceptions about Stretch Marks

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Jun 27, 2011

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A lot of people live with stretch marks and each of them have certain myths about to treating and preventing them. Some of the misconceptions about stretch marks include:


Myth: Men can’t get stretch marks.


Reality: Men who rapidly gain weight or do exercises to build muscles at a quick pace can develop stretch marks.


Myth: Stretch marks cannot be prevented.


Reality:  Exercise and healthy diet can help in preventing stretch marks. By leading a healthy lifestyle, you can decrease chances of sudden weight gain that mostly lead to stretch marks. Consuming a lot of fluids will decrease the likelyhood of getting stretch marks.


Myth: Stretch mark result only from pregnancy.


Reality: Stretch marks are very common in pregnant women but anyone can get them. From a body builder to a child going through puberty every one has a fair chance of getting stretch marks.


Myth: Stretch marks results from rapid stretching of skin.


Reality: Stretching of skin is not solely responsible for stretch marks. Hormonal changes are one of the major causes of stretch marks. Puberty, pregnancy and muscle building can lead to hormonal changes.


Myth: It is expensive to treat stretch marks.


Reality: Some of the treatment methods for stretch marks such as plastic surgeries are expensive. But there are economical alternatives available as well. Today there are many creams available in the market that can help you get rid of them within your budget.


Myth: When you lose weight the stretch marks will disappear.


Reality:  This may be true only for some people but not for all. Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched too tightly. Losing weight does not pop the skin back to the original position. Losing weight can reduce the intensity and appearance of marks but not altogether remove them.


Myth: Stretch marks cannot be treated.


Reality:  People are often under the impression that once you get stretch marks you are stuck with them. Nowadays, there are a wide range of treatment options available in the market. For instance, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and stretch mark creams available in market that can help you in lightening and even completely curing the stretch marks.


Myth: Children and teenagers cannot get stretch marks.


Reality: This is an absolute misconception. Girls who reach puberty faster might notice slight stretch marks on their thighs. In addition to this, children who put on weight have stretch marks. However, skin at this age is much healthier and has more elasticity, so these marks easily disappear without any extra effort.


Myth: Plastic surgery is the only way to get rid of the stretch marks.


Reality: Besides plastic surgery, there are many other popular choices for getting rid of stretch marks.  Chemical peels and light therapy are the other effective ways to treat stretch marks.


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