Malnutrition reducing faster than expected in India

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Feb 05, 2015

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India could be a role model in dealing with malnutrition, according to a recent Global Nutrition Report.

malnutrition in indiaA roundtable held in New Delhi yesterday - From Data Deserts to Fertile Facts: Unleashing the power of data on nutrition in India - discussed the role of data at multiple levels for action on nutrition in India.

Public health risk due to malnutrition - including undernutrition, obesity and micronutrient deficiencies - is a concern for every country. New preliminary data from India (2013-2014 Rapid Survey on Children) suggested a faster improvement in the reduction of malnutrition than anticipated.  Yet, with the lowest rank among 100 countries, India is vulnerable on sanitation and other underlying determinants for undernutrition.

This was part of The Global Nutrition Report, which was launched by International Food Policy Research Institute in November 2014, tracking worldwide progress for 193 UN countries in improving their nutrition status. The report aims to contribute to country-led efforts to strengthen accountability and accelerate the reduction of malnutrition.



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