Know how you can make your long-distance relationship work

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Dec 29, 2016
Quick Bites

  • Making a long distance relationship work is not an easy nut to crack.
  • You need to have real feelings for the other person.
  • Long distance relationship needs a lot of patience.

Long distance relationships have always been thought to be futile after a while and end up breaking, but if you are willing to make it work, here are a few tips that will surely come in handy.





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Use Skype to connect

Take out time from your busy life to connect with your partner through Skype calls, text messaging, e-mails and phone calls every day. Since you are not in a particular place that you can give each other as much physical company as possible, all that is going to make the relationship work well is maintaining contact by some means or another.



Know your relationship status

It is important to know and confirm where you stand in terms of your relationship. It may be awkward to ask your partner if you are only dating or in a full-fledged relationship, whether he or she would relocate to where you live should the relationship get serious in the future and what he or she is looking for in the relationship. Asking such questions will save you from a heartache in the future.



Do things together

One way you can defy the distance is by doing things together. Doing things together does not imply being on Skype video chat or phone call all the time, but doing other things together. Think how couples living in the same city spend time with each other more than over the phone or chat. Replicate this by looking for things you can do at the same time, though at different places such as eating dinner at the same time, watching a particular television series at the same time etc.



Communicate in whatever way possible

Since you won’t get to see and meet each other, it is important to maintain the emotional connection that is vital for your relationship. The conversations you have every day don’t have to be long or in-depth. Share your problems and things you do on a daily basis. Take advice on issues. Exchange gifts or cards on special occasions. Whatever you do, ensure that you do not take communication for granted.


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Take advantage

Take advantage of the fact that you are in a long distance relationship. Being away from your partner helps you spend more time with your family and friends, gives you immense pleasure when you meet your partner after a long time and more. The best part of a long distance relationship is the chance it gives to maintain individuality, which gets lost when couples spend all their free-time being with each other.



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