Making a Good Impression on a Blind Date

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Mar 23, 2012

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Making a Good Impression on a Blind Date

For most people, a blind date is a nerve-wracking experience. If you want to convert your coming blind date into a perfect date, follow these tips for making a good impression on a blind date.

1.    For a perfect blind date, your date spot should be appropriate. The venue must be comfortable where you people can talk. Going for a movie can turn out to be a bad idea as in a theatre, you are compelled to sit in silence. Another inappropriate spot can be nightclubs where talking to someone may seem like screening. To have a perfect blind date, organise a meal. Avoid meeting in isolated places or taking long drives together as it can become a safety issue afterwards, especially for women.

2.    Prepare yourself in advance to leave a long lasting impression on your date. Take a shower, shampoo your hair and dress smartly. Avoid wearing a provocative dress and choose comfortable clothing. Avoid putting excess of makeup and look fresh.

3.     For a successful blind date, a good conversation is extremely important. To initiate a conversation, bring up some light on general topic/s. Ask about his or her family and friends, but do not force your viewpoint on him/her. Just be yourself and candid with your dating partner. Be polite and use please and thank you.

4.    Your body language speaks your attitude. Keep your face free of nervousness. Ensure that your body postures are straight not stiff. Avoid leaning on the dinner table or on the chair as if  an exhausted person.

5.    Do not wander your eyes while your date is talking instead  pay full attention to what he/she is saying.  If you have a dominating nature,  keep it at bay while conversing. Have a strong eye contact, but avoid staring at your date.

6.    A successful first meeting can lead to an intimate relationship therefore, do not hesitate to  talk to your date about yourself. Be clear in your speech and abstain from keeping your hand on your mouth.

7.    Give some rest to your cell phone and restrain yourself from checking it repeatedly. Do not text during the date.

8.    Avoid consuming alcohol. In case you consume, go easy on it. Furthermore, avoid indulging in overeating.  Remember that you have come to meet your date not to eat.

9.    Do not bore your date with gossip or by discussing official problems. Avoid  discussing each other’s past relationships.

10.    While ending your date, honestly tell your date if you want to continue dating him or her. If you want to progress it into a relationship, tell him or her frankly. Say goodbye, but ask for each other’s contact numbers.

With the aforementioned tips, you can impress your blind date who may turn out to be an intimate person in the future.


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