Make Your Blind Dates Less Awkward with these tips

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Jun 13, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • Blind date is fun and casual experience but it is a serious matter
  • Do everything right during your blind date.
  • You can find your perfect partner during your next blind date.
  • Handle everything nicely and enjoy .


Blind date has been a popular phenomenon but unfortunately people experience poor success rate with blind dates. It’s like a complete ‘mustn’t try’ thing for some but on the other hand some people find it interesting and more fun. While it’s about luck or chances being in your favour and most importantly the person you are dating, it is also about how you handle things. You can handle everything the right way and pull off a perfect blind date.

blind dating

Before your Date

  • Blind date needs not be completely blind. You may not want to know about your blind date beforehand as it may take away the main essence of ‘blind date’. But, then before you plan to go on a date try to at least know something about the other person. For instance their likes and dislikes.
  • Keep minimum and realistic expectations so that you will be happy with whatever you get.  If the person is fun you can meet him\her again or simply bid farewell.
  •  You must meet your date in public and not in their house. This will make your date less awkward and give you more things to talk about.  Keep Everything Casual and Fun
  • Another dating tip is to avoid the typical ideas such as dinner or movie. Think of something casual and fun for instance, a simple walk or picnic can keep both of you at ease.Be Comfortable
  • Don’t get carried away with the idea of looking different. Instead be comfortable and most importantly confident.

blind date

  •  Dress according to the date for instance, casual for movies date.
  • Make sure that you don’t wear strange and revealing cloths instead, remember that you don’t know the person yet. Save those short tops for the next romantic date with the person.
  •  Keep it Short :When a date is short there are low chances of things becoming awkward. If things go well you can always plan for a second date. Sitting with someone for full meal can be awkward instead of dinner go for a coffee or dessert date. In a short date you can judge the level of chemistry both of you share and act accordingly in future dates.
  • Try to know Each Other :Since both of you are stranger try to get acquainted with the other person.
  •   Avoid going to loud places as they make situation awkward for both of you.
  •  Remember that an awkward moment doesn’t necessarily signify doom, many a times it is because you are new to each other.
  •  Sometimes silence comes simply as a reaction to what you have spoken and may be followed by cute moment such as eye contact between both of you.


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