Ladies! You don't need these 4 type of guys in your life

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Feb 28, 2017
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  • 2017 is the year of revelations.
  • Sometimes some people are like bad habits.
  • You don't need guys that don't respect you.

The year has just started and we all have things that we do not want to tag along with us this year. There are some things that we want to leave back in 2016. We already have gotten rid of many things when the year stated but we still need to abandon a few more things in 2017 to improve the quality of life that we are living, like not anymore falling in love with guys who don’t deserve our love or devotion.


Do not need these guys


Yes, the worst mistake that many of us make in our love life is falling for the wrong one. Indeed falling for someone is not in your hands always, it is an involuntary thing but you can always avoid some people in your life. Yes, some people are not right; some people are toxic for you and you don’t need such people in your life, not anymore.

You can always identify people worth avoiding by some of their common traits. Here is a list of habits that you need to look out for in a guy.


The body ‘shamer’

Once in a while you surely will come across a guy who will make you feel bad about the moles on your face, who will make you conscious about the extra pounds that you gain or for being super slim, some guys will make you regret about being too short or too tall. Know one thing; no one has the right to criticise on the way you look. You must own the way you look, let no one make you feel bad for your outer appearance.



The one who doesn’t respect you in front of others

A guy who goes gaga all over you when you two are alone but the moment you two are with your friends, he treats you like you are nothing. Moreover, he disrespects you and makes fun of you in front of his guy gang, later he tries to make up for it by either denying everything he did or saying that it was all just for fun. A guy who is not ready to respect you in front of others is not worth it, does noyt deserve you.


The one who pins it all on you

No matter what the fight is all about, it will always be you. He makes sure that you feel about it as he will always succeed to blame it on you. Even if he is at fault, somehow he will manipulate you in thinking that it was your fault and if you are kind and gullible enough, you will end up apologise for nothing.



The one who thinks you are convenient

A guy who only calls or shows up when he is free or needs you. You must understand a thing that a guy who only is there when he is free is not in love with you; you are just too convenient for him. The one loves you will make time for you.



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