Increased Triglyceride Level In Blood Could Be Dangerous, Explains This Research

Increased triglyceride (blood fat) in the blood can be dangerous, organs can be damaged due to inflammation: Research

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 09, 2020Updated at: Aug 09, 2020
Increased Triglyceride Level In Blood Could Be Dangerous, Explains This Research

Inflammation is dangerous for the body as it causes many other deadly diseases (which also occurs in the body). Obesity, diabetes, heart diseases are the main among them. The cause of inflammation on a person is any infection in the body. When the body feels that a virus, bacteria, or other microorganism is attacking from outside, your body inflicts inflammation on the organ to prevent it. The body performs this action to protect itself. But sometimes the internal or external inflammation in the body can be caused by something other than infection, which may be more dangerous than you think. It can be so hazardous that it can even damage your organs.

Too much triglyceride in the blood can be dangerous

Yes, in a recent study, scientists have said that increased amounts of triglyceride in the blood can also cause inflammation in your body and can be dangerous to life's level. The triglycerides present in the blood are called 'blood fat'. This analysis has been published in the journal 'Nature Immunology', and Dr Saarland University, Germany, have published this study.

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Blood fat can increase dangerous inflammation


After this research, scientists have claimed that high blood fat (excess of triglycerides in the blood) can cause internal inflammation in the body, due to which many biological functions of the person are affected. It can be so dangerous that many times it can ultimately damage the body parts or arteries (Blood Vessels). Not only this, but the scientists also said that the more the amount of fat in a person's blood, the more likely his death would be.

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High triglyceride can ultimately damage the organs

Researchers before humans did this research first with Vitro (test tube experiment) and later on a model of mice, to assess the dangers of this condition in humans. Scientists then selected some people who had chronic kidney disease or heart disease to research humans and found that the inflammation caused by triglycerides had started damaging their kidneys and arteries. According to researchers, this research makes it clear that high lipid levels in the blood, especially triglycerides, can cause dangerous inflammatory conditions in the body.

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