If you have Malaria, Mosquitoes will Bite you more than Ever

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Jul 02, 2014

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A new study claims that malaria attracts mosquitoes more than ever. The researchers who did the study said that the mosquito can detect the deadly disease non-invasively through body odour.

malariaResearchers from the ETH Zurich and Pennsylvania State University said that at the time of the study, an infection with malaria pathogens changed the scent of infected mice and infected mice turned more attractive to the mosquitoes.

The researchers added that the plasmodium parasite manipulate the host by changing the characteristics of the patient’s body odour. However, the pathogens do not appear to trigger the expression of unique scent components.

Consuelo De Moraes, from ETH Zurich, said that there seems to be an overall elevation of several compounds that are attractive to mosquitoes. The researchers also added that it is not surprising that infected people smell more attractive but do not form highly specific body odours, as we know that the malaria pathogen can also have adverse effects of mosquitoes.

Article source: Delhidailynews
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