Hygiene care for monsoon season

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Feb 04, 2013

Hygiene care for monsoonsRainy days and soothing breeze… sounds like something out of a Yash Raj film? Well, not quite. As a matter of fact, monsoons mean wet, dirty clothes and ruined shoes. But this season it doesn't have to be so.

Here are some fashion must-dos to keep you at your trendiest best:


What to wear?

It is advisable to keep your hemlines shorter. Go for pencil pants, capris and knee-lengths. Extra-long trousers must be simply avoided.

Choose fabrics carefully. “It is a good time to experiment with new materials, but make sure they are water - resistant”, says Mandria Wrik, a Delhi-based fashion designer.

Carry a pair of heels in your shoulder bag. Make sure they are wrapped in a plastic bag, so you can wear them right before entering a party.


Taming your tresses

Frizz and damp are the two words which describe your hair best this season. Take care of your tresses by using a light serum. Wash your hair frequently, as any dirt in the hair will make matters just worse.

Similarly, keep hair products light. “Apply the white of an egg right before your shampoo and leave it on for half an hour. This particular remedy acts as a perfect cleanser and cut downs on oiliness”, says Delhi-based hair stylist Monica Singh.

“A henna conditioner is ideal”, adds Singh. “It’ll help in adding body and shine to your hair by removing impurities and wastes.”


Glow this monsoon


Ace makeup artist Vidya Tikari helps us to truly come clean this monsoon:

•    Always wash your hands before applying makeup. Keep a hand sanitizer with you at all times.
•    Bacteria are more likely to breed in warm, moist conditions, so keep your products cool and away from direct sunlight. Keeping them in your car is not a good idea.
•    Sharpen your eyeliner/lipliner before every use and swipe it with a tissue before applying it. Not only does it give you a precise point to work with for a better line, but using a sharpener also gets rid of any bacterial residue.
•    Keep your products clean. Most of us are guilty of storing our makeup products in the bathroom.  If you must do this, keep it all covered and the lids on tightly.

Most notably, adding bright colours and sparkles to your clothes is the perfect answer to grey weather. Don't let a heavy shower dampen your mood this season. Just look your best!

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