How to Solve Marital Conflict

How to Solve Marital Conflicts: Here are various Helpful Tips by which you can attempt to solve marital conflicts…

Pratima Sharma
Written by: Pratima SharmaUpdated at: Jan 13, 2014 00:00 IST
How to Solve Marital Conflict

How to Solve Marital Conflicts

A marriage is a lifetime commitment. Not only do you share your life with your spouse, but you also raise a family in the process. Like in any other relationship, conflicts in a marriage are just as common. However, an attempt to solve marital conflict should be made immediately in the event of disagreements. This is all the more relevant because, as parents, you wouldn’t want your kids to be a part of these unpleasant proceedings.

There are various ways and means by which you can attempt to solve marital conflicts.

Helpful Tips to Solve Marital Conflict

  • When you are in the argumentative mood, always make sure you exercise restraint. Remember, it’s your spouse you are arguing with, not your enemy. Never say extremely hurtful things you will regret later. Words that have once been spoken cannot be taken back. You might have a tough time undoing the damage you are likely to cause with your harsh words.
  • Refrain from using the accusative tone. For example, instead of saying “you distressed me”, you could change it to “I am distressed”. Your spouse would surely be able to understand the underlying message. However, accusing someone directly can trigger reactionary responses easily.
  • Always make a serious attempt to control your rage. Anything spoken in a fit of anger would likely be unjustified. If you are angry, refrain from saying anything until the temper subsides. As soon as you cool down, better sense will prevail and you would be framing your sentences much more wisely.
  • A compromising attitude is perhaps the key to solve a marital conflict. Both parties need to travel a distance and settle on common ground. Trying to continuously persuade your partner to relent to your wishes is a gross mistake.
  • Learn to accept your mistakes in a forthright manner when you are at fault. Ready acceptance of mistakes will only show how mature you are and how much you value the relationship. The moment you apologize, your partner is also likely to react positively.
  • Be proactive and try and make your spouse feel special. In tense situations, a gift can sometimes work wonders!

Always remember that you and your partner are integral parts of the same family unit. Therefore, in order to make a successful and happy family together, it is important to solve a marital conflict as soon as you can.