How to Control Diabetes?

Are you wondering how to control diabetes without any side effects? Read to learn the natural ways to control your soaring blood sugar levels.

Gunjan Rastogi
Written by: Gunjan RastogiUpdated at: May 15, 2012 14:22 IST
How to Control Diabetes?

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How to Control Diabetes

With a careful control on your blood sugar, you can save yourself from various side effects and complications of  diabetes. To control your diabetes, you need to keep a check on your consumption of sugar products and fatty items. Working out regularly will also help you to lead a healthy life. Read to know some diabetes controlling methods:


Controlling Diabetes with Exercises

Exercising involves muscular activity that helps in lowering the blood sugar levels naturally. While exercising, you burn glucose as well as fatty acids. This eases the production of insulin in the body. The low insulin levels will communicate to the liver to empty the glycogen stored in the bloodstream to provide energy to the muscles and subsequently have your blood sugar levels  monitored effectively. With regular exercising, the liver will supply more energy as it converts the lactic acids, amino acids and fats into glucose. Regular exercising also helps in shedding the extra body fat, which means a reduced level of fatty acids and decreased risk of diabetes. For some diabetics, exercising can bring opposite results and therefore, it is recommended that you consult your physician to know what type of exercise will benefit you rather than increasing harm to your body. The most natural way of monitoring diabetes is brisk walking and swimming.

Controlling Diabetes with Right Diet

The foremost step to fight diabetes is to improve your immune system. Therefore, keep a track of what you eat. Do not indulge in eating food such as junk food as they contain a good amount of bad fats (saturated fats). Consume food rich in omega-3 acids as they contain good fats. Excellent source of omega-3 acids is salmon fish; aim to eat it twice in a week.  Avoid eating carbohydrates and starch. Put an end to the intake of sugary items, cocktails and soft drinks. Add more salad, fresh fruits, whole grains and lean meat in your diet. Giving up smoking and alcohol drinking will be an added advantage. To control blood sugar levels, start consuming food rich in chromium, magnesium, calcium and zinc. Processed food and fried food tend to have ingredients that increase your cholesterol levels thereby, making your diabetes worse. Drink plenty of water as it is sugar-free, fat-free and enhances the normal functioning of the body.

Bitter Treatment

Researchers believe that anything bitter is a magical cure for diabetes. You can consume bitter melon or neem leaves to lower your blood sugar levels. Every morning, drink a glass of bitter melon juice on empty stomach. Neem leaves are equally beneficial. You can take out neem juice by crushing the neem leaves or letting them dry and making a fine neem powder thereafter. In a glass of water, mix a tablespoon of neem powder and drink it every day.


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