How to Remove Head Lice

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May 10, 2011

woman long hair Head lice are very infectious and removing head lice is indeed an arduous task. If one does not get rid of head lice soon, a potential risk of losing hair for good is involved. Dandruff often escalates the problem of head lice. Now the question arises “How to remove head lice?” We get a variety of shampoos claiming to remove head lice; however only some of them are effective.


According to Dr. John Clark, Amherst toxicologist, University of Massachusetts, “Head lice are gradually becoming resistant to the special shampoos made to kill them”. Researches are being conducted on artificial scalps to know the reason behind it and to find some other way to get rid of the head lice.


How to Remove Head Lice?

  • The best way to remove head lice  is get lice a shampoo and wash your head properly with it.
  • Use a nit comb regularly. A nit comb is easily available in a medical store. Get the comb and comb your hair with it to remove the lice.
  • To get rid of lice, you can apply mayonnaise to your hair as it suffocates the louse and their eggs resulting in their death. After keeping it for 2–3 hours, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo.
  • If you do not want to use mayonnaise, then you can go for Vaseline. However, Vaseline could be a bit difficult to wash away from your hair. 
  • You can also use neem oil. Neem oil is a natural insecticide and kills head lice considerably.
  • Even olive oil is very effective in removing head lice. It suffocates the lice to death.=
  • Keep your head covered if you go near a lice-infected person.

Presence of head lice shows lack of hygiene. You should remain clean and wash your head after every two days. These lice are very dangerous especially for children. If ignored and not taken care of, these can lead to painful bumps on your head. Due to excessive scratching, the sores on your head can even start to bleed and become more serious.


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