How to prevent Seizure?

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Aug 31, 2012

There is no one specific way in which all types of seizures in everyone can be prevented. Here are some ways that may help to prevent seizure or worsening of seizures.

  • Take your anti-epileptic medications: Epilepsy is one of the most common causes of seizure. In people with epilepsy, repeated seizures can be prevented by early and appropriate treatment. According to experts, early and appropriate treatment for epilepsy without delay in starting medications improves prognosis and decreases the risk of repeated seizures. Taking all the medications as recommended at the prescribed dosage is also important to prevent further seizures. Any change in medication (dose, timing) without the doctor’s advice may precipitate seizures making them difficult to control.
  • Avoid triggers: Seizures in some people with epilepsy may be triggered by certain factors. If you can recognise the trigger factor (such as any particular behaviours, environments or physical and emotional factor) present before the seizure, you may be able to control the seizure by avoiding the trigger factor.
  • Recognise aura: Some people with epilepsy have an aura before the seizure attack. Aura is a distinctive feeling or warning sign that occurs before a seizure. If you can identify an aura, it may allow you to take precautions, such as lying down to avoid a fall and injury. Furthermore, if you have a distinctive warning sign (such as depression, irritability or headache), an extra dose of medication with your doctor’s advice may prevent the attack.
  • Prevent head injuries: Some people develop seizure disorder after a head injury. These types of seizures can be prevented by preventing head injuries during an accident (such as by wearing seatbelts, bicycle and motorcycle helmets and by putting children in car seats).
  • Antenatal care: Some children develop seizures because of abnormality in brain development. In most children, these abnormalities cannot be prevented, but some of them can be prevented by good prenatal care, which includes treatment of high blood pressure during pregnancy, taking supplements as recommended and avoiding consumption of alcohol, street drugs, etc.
  • Get appropriate treatment: In some people, seizures may be caused by damage to the brain. Neurons can get injured by many medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, infections, etc. Early and appropriate treatment of these conditions can help to prevent brain damage and seizures.
  • Relax and sleep adequately: Avoid stress and if needed, practice any relaxation technique, such as yoga, meditation, etc to reduce stress. Sleep well and exercise regularly as these improve the overall health and general well-being, thereby preventing further seizures. Experts say that poor health habits can increase the risk of repeated seizures.



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