How to potty train children with autism?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Most children even with autism can be trained to use the toilet. Here are a few tips to smoothen the process of potty training:

  • If your child is resistant to potty training and "no" is the automatic response to every request refrain from training for some time.
  • Ensure that your child wear clothes that are easy to remove such as pants with elastic waistbands or easy-to-open fasteners (such as Velcro).
  • Make potty time fun time. You can do so by getting a new potty seat, letting him take a toy to the washroom.
  • Your child should feel comfortable and safe in the wash room. For this purpose have stable seat on the toilet, the washroom should be well lighted and the floor should be dry.
  • If your child does not reach the toilet seat place a small step stool to help him or her reach the toilet bowl to sit.
  • Teach and help your child to clean themselves. Instruct your child to flush the toilet after use.


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