How to Manage Dating Multiple People

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Nov 20, 2012

Dating is no child’s play especially when you are dating multiple people at the same time. One of the best ways to date multiple people at one go is to act casually yet honestly and carefully. Multiple timing has become a trend, but it brings with it it’s bag of advantages and disadvantages. . Most people date are able to manage multiple dates because they know what they want out of every casual fling they are indulging in. Although this could be fun, but if you take one wrong step, you might end up being bashed by not one but each one of your dating partner.

Here are few tips that will prove handy in managing multiple dates and will keep you protected from falling into date traps.

Know the Names

Names can be very confusing at times and it can prove fatal if you don’t remember the names at the right time! Try to date women with similar names. Always give same pet names to your dates. Otherwise you will end up getting caught.

Keep a Track

Try to keep a track of your date. Save the person’s name and the place you met in your cell phone. For example, ’Tanya Taj.’ So, that when they call you and ask, do you remember me,  you have an answer in affirmation (read: right name too!). Also record whatever conversations you are having with your different dates. Write it on your dating diary. It will be very embarrassing if you don’t remember anything special you once said. This will make your dating business more hassle-free.


When dating multiple people, you should never fall short on giving good excuses, but make sure they are all believable because bad excuses may land you in trouble. On days when you have two different dates, use a family excuse such as your cousin is not keeping well; you have to attend a dinner at your uncle’s place, etc. Family excuses are always a good way to get away.

Keep your Dates out of Facebook

It is healthy not to add your date on Facebook. You don’t want any of your friends to post some unwanted comments about them on your wall, especially those friends with whom you banter around about your multiple dating skill.

Different Place for Each Date

Avoid going to same place each time with different dates. This makes you vulnerable because what if  the  waiter remembers and greets you with, “Welcome Sir, Did madam liked the food last time?” You certainly don’t want to hear this in front of your new date. Also, going to regular places will make your date less interesting. So, be a traveller and explore new places every time that you can.

Don’t Involve Family

Don’t introduce your date to your family members unless you are very sure about the future, but introducing your dates to close friends is a good idea as you can take their opinion. However, be very careful while doing this as a small slip up will lead to a big explanation.

Our verdict:
Dating multiple people can be fun and interesting as long as you can sustain it. Try to keep a simple and casual approach while you are on a dating spree!



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