How to Improve Parenting Skills?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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Good parenting comes naturally to a lot of people, but others find it a real challenge.  However, no matter what type you are, it is important that you are open to criticism. You have the option of taking the advice on board or ignoring it, but at least you have the option.  If you refuse to take criticism, then you are conceding that option.

  • Do not automatically react negatively to criticism; the person may not be criticising you but actually trying to share some parenting tips.
  • Read books and magazines on parenting. They’re good for fresh ideas.
  • Join parenting classes. These classes teach you about child behavior, development and discipline.
  • Consider joining a parenting support group. Talking to other parents can give you fresh ideas about child-care.
  • Take a break when required, as tiredness it is likely to affect your parenting.
  • Adopt a positive style of parenting, i.e. reward good behavior and refrain from criticising bad behavior in a confrontational manner.


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