How to Heal Dry Flaky Skin

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Nov 10, 2011

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Skin becomes dry and flaky due to insufficient sebum production in the body. Sebum is the natural oil produced in the body. When the natural oil glands fail to produce the required amount of oil, skin starts looking dull, dry and flaky. At times, hormonal changes are also responsible for this condition. How to heal dry flaky skin is a frequently asked query and the answer lies in the right diet, and in keeping the skin well moisturized.

Handy tips to heal dry and flaky skin


  • You must drink lot of water and keep your skin well hydrated. At least 10 glasses of water are required a day.
  • Dairy products and nuts have fats and oils in them and so, you must eat them regularly. You must consume milk daily as it helps in keeping the skin smooth.
  • Always use a good coating of moisturizer on your skin, especially in dry weather.
  • In winter, it is very essential to cover your skin with a good lotion which isrich in vitamin Et.
  • Eat soaked almonds every day to heal dry flaky skin promptly.
  • Milk cream can also be rubbed on the skin before a bath to keep the skin moisture-rich.
  • You can massage your body with Vitamin E or baby oil to replenish the lost moisture.
  • A mixture of glycerine and a few drops of lemon juice can also help. This solution can be applied and left overnight to heal dry flaky skin fast.
  • Moisturising soaps also provide the required oils to the body.
  • Do not take bath with very hot water as it reduces the oils of the body. Lukewarm water is a much better option.
  • You can use a facial mask for dry skin once a week. This will remove the dry, dead cells which might have accumulated on your face. A salt scrub can exfoliate the entire body.
  • Going out in very hot sun should also be avoided as it robs the skin of moisture. If going out is unavoidable, you can use a good sun-block.
  • Avoid smoking. Nicotine causes the blood vessels to become smaller which affects the nutrient intake of the skin.

In a nutshell, you need to wash your face regularly, incorporate small changes in the diet and moisturise your skin time and again to heal dry and flaky skin naturally and successfully.


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