How to Have a Great Long Distance Relationship With Your Child?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 18, 2011

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You would definitely want to live with your child, but it is not always possible, i.e. due to work relates issues). But you need not despair, as all is not lost and you can still be a great parent. Read on to know how to have a great long distance relationship with your child.

  • Make an effort to be there for significant occasions, such as their birthdays and festivals.
  • Call them regularly; it may be just a quick “hello” but calling makes them feel they are important and in your thoughts.
  • Write regularly, send them e-mails, cards; this reinforces their impression that you love them and care about them.
  • Follow on your promises; children wait for them and need consistency in their lives.
  • Coordinate your call to them with a webcam. Seeing you on the computer, while talking, is even better as they can see your face and relate to you in a more personable manner.


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