How to Handle Stepchildren?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jun 01, 2012

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How to Handle Stepchildren

Dealing properly with step-children in the early stages of your relationship will determine its success. Read on how to help your step-child accept you as a step-parent.

  • Give him his time and space, and respect his feelings. Do not get frustrated and adversely react to his negative behavior; he’ll need time to accept the separation of his parents and you as step-parent.
  • Develop your relationship slowly with him and accept that it is going to take him time to adjust.  Start with being friends, earn his trust and respect before trying to become the parent-type.
  • Be amicable with your new spouse's ex. You may not like him/her, but by being amicable and friendly, it will make it easier for the step-child to accept you.
  • Like the natural parent, give them unconditional love. When he recognises this, you will know you are doing well.
  • A natural parent will put his child’s needs before his, so you must try to do the same.


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