How to Choose Right Heels

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Oct 14, 2011

How to Choose Right HeelsHeels never go out of style for fashionistas. But fashion doesn’t always mean comfort. Wrong selection of heels can lead to corns, bunions and fallen arches. Therefore, it is important to pick the right heel to balance comfort and style.


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Get the Right Fit

Failing to judge the size of one's feet is a common mistake made by most women, who end up wearing footwear that is half a size small. Why most women develop blisters and pain in feet is because they don't wear footwear of the right size. Choosing the right fit is especially important when buying heels.


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While buying heels, make sure that what you pick fits your feet comfortably. Remember that the size of your feet does not remain the same forever. Even a few pounds of weight gain or loss can change the shoe size. Therefore, it is important to measure your feet every time you buy a shoe. The best way to test comfort is to stand straight and try to raise yourself on your toes, so that there is at least an inch's space under your heels. If you fail to raise your toes with comfort, your heels are probably too high and can therefore, cause discomfort. 


Go for Wedged Heels


Wedged heel occupies the entire portion below the arch and heel area of the foot. They are sturdier and more comfortable than other high heels. This is because the pressure of the body is evenly distributed along the entire foot. Wedged heels create an illusion of longer legs and thinner ankles.


Get Heels that Suit you


Make sure that the heels you are opting for will look good on you. Stilettos and narrow heels look best on slender built people. On the contrary, bulky people should go for platforms, thicker heels or block heels. These will give a balanced and proportional look. Cone heels, kitten heels, prism heels, spool heels, stiletto heels, wedge heels and puppy heels are some heel options you may choose from for better comfort. [Read: High Heels or Heights of Fashion?]


Provide cushion


If you love heels but can’t stand too long with them, invest in silicon metatarsal pads. Using cushion inside the footwear will give you extra comfort and reduce blistering. They are available in different shapes and are specifically designed for high heels.


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