How to Avoid Complications if Diabetic

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Nov 27, 2012

How to Avoid Complications if Diabetic

Diabetics are at higher risk of heart disease, blindness, kidney diseases, loss of limbs and many other unwanted complications. However, the good part is that with early diagnosis and proper treatment one can avoid complications of diabetes. It is only poorly managed diabetes that lead to complications.


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Lose weight


Start small. If you are overweight, shedding just a few pounds can improve the body's ability to use insulin. It'll help lower your blood sugar and improve your blood pressure and blood fats. You'll also have more energy. Ready? Aim to burn more calories than you eat. To start, try cutting fat and calories from your diet, such as chips or fries.


Get adequate sleep


Too much or too little sleep can increase your carving for food rich in carbohydrates, thus triggering blood sugar level. Therefore, make sure that you get adequate amount of sleep. If you have any disorder related to sleep then seek immediate treatment for it.


Monitor your Diabetes


Keep track of your blood sugar level so that you can take immediate treatment as and when needed. By monitoring blood sugar level you can avoid complications of diabetes such as nerve pain and other health problems. It will also help you to keep track of success of your treatment plan.


Be active

Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be through different ways such as walking, jogging and dancing. Stick to healthy habits for instance, take stairs instead of escalators.  By exercising you can decrease cholesterol level and control blood pressure levels. Exercise also relieves stress and help to cut back on the diabetes medications.


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Manage Stress


Learn coping techniques to deal with others. Stress is the main cause of increased blood sugar level. Therefore it is very important for diabetics to get rid of physical as well as mental stress. Have positive outlook to life to manage day-to-day stress. You can also opt for relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, especially for people with type 2 diabetes.


Avoid salty and processed food


Decrease your salt intake and say ‘no’ to processed food. This will help you to lower blood pressure and protect kidneys.


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