How to Advise Your Child on Being a Parent?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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An aim of every parent when raising their children is to make them happy, healthy and productive adults. You have to make growing up a positive experience for your children.


Teach them to accept the challenge and grow positively with it. If you are good parent, your child will inevitably become a good parent too. If required, give your views and advice to your child on parenting practices. Some steps on how you can to advise your child on being a parent.

  • Show and teach them the basic skills needed for being a good parent—like how to feed the baby, how to change diapers.
  • Parents love to be friends with their children but ensure the child understands who is in charge.
  • Ensure that your children understand that discipline is important and they should use positive methods of disciplining.
  • Your children should understand that they should respect their children and demand respect from them; if the child does not respect you or you do not respect the child, it can have unpleasant results.


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