Head Lice: When to Call a Professional?

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Aug 09, 2011

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Head Lice When to Call a Professional

Most people with head lice don't need to consult a doctor as over-the-counter medications containing one of the active ingredients pyrethrins (natural extracts from the chrysanthemum flower) or permethrin are effective for curing the infestation. Find out when to call a doctor for head lice.

You may want to consult a doctor for head lice:

  • If you want to confirm if you or your child is infected with head lice.
  • Once over-the-counter products for lice treatments have not worked.

When you go to consult your doctor:

  • Write a detailed description of your symptoms.
  • Note your past medical problems.
  • Note the problems you want to ask the doctor.

The doctor will examine your hair and scalp for lice and nits. If there is doubt a special light, called a Wood's light, may be used as it makes the nits look pale blue.


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