Hairstyles for round-faced women

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Feb 04, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Women with round face should get a narrow look to hide roundness.
  • Opt for a hairstyle that makes your cheeks to look thinner.
  • Avoid adding volume to the sides of the mane.
  • Specific hairstyles can lend an elongated look to a round face.

Specific hairstyles for women with round faces can be a blessing for women looking out to tone down the plumminess of their face. Shorter haircuts or soft curls are some hairstyles to make your cheeks look thinner.

hairstyles for women with round faces

Hairstyles for round-faced women

There are many hairstyles for round faced women that can fake a thinner, toned look for their face, irrespective of the length of their hair. To select the hairstyle wisely, you may look for celebrity hairdos in the glossies and observe which hairstyles change the look of round face to narrow. A round face gives women a softer look, portraying them to be overweight. Therefore, the hairstyle must be one that elongates the face with emphasis on straight line.

Asymmetrical bob

Uneven short layers define a round face perfectly. An assymterical bob is easy to style during the morning rush.

hairstyles for round-faced women


Side-swept bangs

Get your side bangs done so that they hit your cheekbone with round face. This will create angles and frame your face. In fact, it is a great hairstyle to make your cheeks look thinner. To get a stunning fringe-hairstyle, use a medium-sized round brush to blow-dry your side bangs vertically.

Side swept bangs


Flowing waves

Toping the list of hairstyles for women with round faces, you can never go wrong with this diverse waves in your hair. When you do your hair into long waves, your smile shows big and your small neck appears longer; this helps balancing your face. The volume of hair in this hairstyle is in the lower section, making your hair appear smooth on top and fuller below.

Flowing Waves


Straight and smooth

Women with round faces should never add volume to the sides of their hair but aim for hairtstyles to change round face look to narrow face. You could get a more tamed look by straightening your hair. The length will perfectly emphasise on the roundness of your face rather than hiding it. Flat iron your hair to get it totally straight and wear some essential oil for extra shine.

Straight hair


Bold bangs

Bold, blunt fringe accentuates your lips, along with being sassy. To don soft waves along with bold bangs, use a medium-barrel curling iron to wrapsections of your hair away from your face.

Bold bangs


Hairstyling tips to make your cheeks look thinner

Attention on Volume: To get a slimmer look, one must focus on managing volume as round faces are wide at the cheeks. With volume on the sides, the face will appear rounder.

Short Hairdos: Tapered cuts that are cropped closely on the side face, with crown being high or layered is a great hairstyle for round-faced women. Additionally, bobs also appear good on round faces.

hairtstyles to change round face look to narrow face

Medium to Long Styles: A hairdo with full volume crown looks great on a round face. For this length, keep the hair accentuated long, straight with wispy or asymmetrical bangs. For an elongating effect, one must keep hair beyond chin length. The face will appear slim with soft waves parted on one side or with the hairdo pulling hair back with wispy bangs.

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