Know 10 Common Causes for Hair Loss in Teenagers

Contrary to popular belief adolescents and teenagers can suffer from hair loss. The affliction is not limited to old age. There are various reasons why early hair loss may set in.

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Know 10 Common Causes for Hair Loss in Teenagers

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Hair loss is not limited to old age, adolescents and teenagers can suffer from hair loss too. There are various reasons why early hair loss may set in which can lead to low self-confidence. If you are a teenager, you must know various factors leading to hair loss. 


The hormonal surge during adolescence fluctuates their emotions, eating habits and their hair growth. Teenage girls may develop polycystic ovaries which in turn could lead to hair fall. Also, teen boys with androgen imbalance can experience hair loss.


One of the early signs of the onset of juvenile diabetes is hair loss. Young men and women who start shedding hair must get their blood sugar levels checked. One must know that problems related to diabetes are unique to the patient and no two diabetic teens could show the same symptoms.


Teens love to experiment. Frequent and habitual use of chemicals on your hair is a recipe for disaster. Teens are known to indulge in hair gels and sprays. They may also experiment with bleach and colour that would lead to hair fall.

Ill Health

If you have recently suffered a major illness or have entered into adolescence with a history of childhood ailments you are likely to experience hair fall. Low immunity in teens can be easily compensated with diet and exercise as their bodies continue to develop.

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Baldness may occur as a reaction to certain strong medication. Hair fall due to prescribed drugs could be diagnosed as allergy or damage to the hair protein called keratin. Ask your doctor about side effects before taking any medicines.

Braids and Styling

Teenage girls often make tight braids and ponytails. The result is weakening of roots due to excessive pulling. Similarly, the heat from the blow-dryer or straighter can damage the hair further.


Teenage boys who may opt for steroids as a means for quick muscle gain are bound to suffer from hair loss as an early symptom of further health problems.

Tinea Capitis

Tinea Capitis is a fungal infection or the roundworm of the scalp commonly found in young people. Teenagers who are into sports or any other activity that leads to prolonged sweating are more prone to it. 

Poor Nutrition

Nutrition plays a vital role to achieve healthy hair. Compromised nutrition with a preference for junk food can cause hair loss in teenagers. No amount of hair products or herbal applications can stop hair fall unless a balanced diet is achieved.

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If the teen is recovering from post-traumatic stress due to an event he or she is likely to experience hair fall. On the other hand quotidian stress can build up to such a degree that psychosomatic problems can manifest. It is advisable to not rule out other causes as well when dealing with stress related hair fall.

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