Stress Causes Gray Hair: Fact or Fiction?

Gray hair in men isn't a new phenomenon. The reasons of graying of hair are plenty. Men can take certain measures against graying of hair and stay on the younger side of the timeline.

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Stress Causes Gray Hair: Fact or Fiction?

Gone are the days when people used to drop their jaws at glimpse of their first strand of white hair. The not so black and not so white hair is hot on the colour charts this season. People all over the world are experimenting with the dazzling avatars of silver, platinum and snowy white. The demand, consequently, for grey haired prettiness is all of a sudden on the rise, as the look gets both fashionable and sought-after.


stress and grey hair


However many of us can still go ga-ga about the untimely graying of hair. Thus, it becomes crucial to understand the causes and related factors in premature graying of hair.


Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

The cells in the hair follicles that are the basis of pigment to be fabricated are called melanocytes. Melanin is also accountable for the colour one sees in their skin and nails. Each melanocyte has a prearranged lifetime, largely dogged by one’s genes. Once a melanocyte dies, melanin production comes to an end. Hair with residual melanin comes out to be gray or silver, while hair with no pigment comes out to be white.


Is Stress an aspect?

According to various scientists, hormones fashioned by constant tension are most likely to curtail the life of melanocytes. Researchers believe that an individual’s genetic make-up also has a lot to do with when he or she begins to lose the pigment in their hair.

If your father's or grandfather's hair started to turn gray in colour in their early years, there is a chance that you will also have premature graying of hair.


greying of hair


The reasons for premature graying of hair in men are the following.


  • Grave illnesses such as typhoid too can initiate graying of hair.
  • Disproportionate drinking of tea, coffee and alcohol is also one of the leading causes of premature graying of hair, say experts.
  • Excessive intake of fried and oily foods, spices and sour and acidic foods can lead to gray locks.
  • Insufficiency of nutrients, in particular copper, can also lead to the reduced levels of production of melanin, thus causing untimely graying of hair.


Prevent Graying of Hair

  • Amla is one of the best cures for gray hair. A massage of amla paste into the scalp has helped many in overturning the process of hair graying.
  • Rosemary and sage tea remedy can help prevent premature greying. Pour in equal amounts of sage and rosemary in 1 cup of water. Bring it to a boil. Strain and use the liquid. However, bear in mind to repeat this process for few weeks before one observes any kind of changes.
  • Rub down your hair with coconut oil and lemon everyday for at least 15 minutes.
  • Wash your hair on daily basis with a tablespoon of lemon juice assorted with loads of warm water until the desired colour is obtained.
  • Consuming some of the B vitamins, iron, copper, and iodine in your daily diet is said to be a contributory factor while dealing with grey hair. These nutrients are necessary because mental worries release unusual anxiety in the skin of the scalp which hinders with the delivery of vital nutrition.
  • Overriding on proteins renders your hair with innate shine and good quality texture. Eat more of sprouted whole grains, cereals, meat and soy in your diet.



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