Good Sleep Protects Against Heart Disease

By  , ANI
Jul 04, 2013

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A sleeping man

A new study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology suggests that a good night's sleep can increase the benefit of exercise, healthy diet, moderate alcohol consumption and non-smoking in their protection against cardiovascular disease (CVD).

The finding of an extensive study revealed that the combination of the four traditional healthy lifestyle habits was associated with a 57 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease (fatal and non-fatal) and a 67 per cent lower risk of fatal events.

Addition of sufficient sleep, defined as seven or more hours a night, to the other four lifestyle factors increases benefit, lowering composite CVD risk by 65 per cent and risk of fatal events by 83 per cent. The researchers found that those who adhere to all five healthy lifestyle factors prevent or postpone composite CVD by 36 per cent and fatal CVD by 57 per cent.



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