5 Relationship problems even the happily living couples face

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Apr 13, 2016
Quick Bites

  • It requires a bit of struggle and a lot of patience to make a relationship work.
  • You cannot always sail through rough times.
  • There is not the only one factor driving a long term relationship.
  • You keep learning and adapting throughout the entire relationship.

As they say that “love doesn’t come easy” and to an extent it’s true. I have seen it happening; I have seen people in long term relationship struggling to sail through. Some couples actually make it through while there are some, who call it off after a bit of strife.


Relationship Problems Even The Happily living  Couples Face


I had this friend of mine, Sameera Kathuria, who was in relationship with a guy for a more than 8 years. They lived quite not far from my place, which allowed me to witness the ups and downs that their relationship went through. They started off at a very good note but gradually things turned a bit unpleasant.

They started fighting over really petty matters; there were disagreements on trivial issues and then a point came when they decided to put an end to all the drama by ending the relationship.Once happy couple now always fought like anything. I wondered what went so wrong that they wanted to walk away from each other.

Then my friend shared her personal experience with me that allowed me to understand the mistakes that people in long term relationship make.

And today, we share that list of mistakes, even the happiest couple make.


Taking away each other’s freedom

The worst thing that could happen to any relationship is becoming the prison for two people. Yes, often it happens that partners don’t care about each other’s freedom and don’t give each other the space that is important for a healthy important. Understand that your partner has a life too out of this relationship and he or she needs her share of space to breathe


Constant pestering for future

When a relationship grows a few years old, naturally the couple starts worrying about the future. They start having questions in their minds and then out loud, pestering their partners. People need to learn that things gradually evolve and worrying about future will only wreck the present.


Assuming authority

It so happens that couples start assuming authority over each other’s lives and start controlling each other’s actions. No, it shouldn’t be like this. Your partner has his/her own life and they should have enough freedom to make their own decision. You can always advise them but the final call should always be theirs.


Always wanting them to be around

Understand this once and for all, if two people are in a relationship, being with each other in one way of another every time is not possible unless you are in a live-in relationship.


Merging your finances

No, never merge your finance unless you two are married or are living in a live-in relationship. No matter how mature are you two, you will always go through an unnecessary feud over money.


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