Exercises for Children with Diabetes

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Feb 03, 2012

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Exercises for Children with DiabetesDiabetes is a lifetime condition. There are no permanent cures available. There, however, are certain measures in terms of lifestyle changes that one can introduce to manage the condition and facilitate a healthy and normal life. If your child has been diagnosed with diabetes, it may not be possible to administer many restrictions on him or her. The best way to manage the condition is to include a few fun exercises for controlling diabetes symptoms in children along with simple medications and diet modifications.

Exercises for Children with Diabetes

  1. Introducing aerobic exercises at the earliest will perhaps bring out favourable results. Aerobic exercises will increase metabolism and enhance insulin sensitivity. Besides, it will also help in burning extra fat and utilise carbohydrates well. Therefore, practicing aerobic activities on a regular basis will definitely help your child to manage diabetes better. Some common exercises to include in this category include cycling, swimming, brisk jogs and walks, roller skating, soccer, tennis and so on. Besides, pursuing such activities will work wonders in improving your child’s self esteem.
  2. Stretching exercises must be included in the regular activities of your kids. These exercises help in boosting healing power. Diabetics do not have the normal healing capabilities that non-diabetics possess. These exercises and routine yoga sessions will be able to restrict muscle, bone and joint damage and help your child lead a normal life.
  3. Apart from specific exercises for children with diabetes, you must also devise different ways of keeping them active. Encourage them to play games or simply indulge in activities such as swimming as often as possible. Take them out for walks and excursions and keep them close to nature. You may also consider introducing them to fruitful and entertaining activities such as gardening that help in burning plenty of calories while keeping your kid engaged. Apart from these, you can help them learn a few practical aspects of plat growth and development.

Introducing your child to the very idea that he or she is suffering from a lifelong illness may be immensely difficult. He or she may not be able to comprehend most of the things that you try to convey and a direct attempt to explain the raw facts may scare the child. Therefore, it is advised that you keep things as simple as possible. Make sure you impose restrictions and encourage healthy lifestyle changes slowly and steadily. Your kid must enjoy whatever he or she does to stick to the same, sustainably.


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