Even Light Drinking may increase Cancer Risk

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Sep 20, 2012

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Even Light Drinking may increase Cancer RiskThe link between heavy alcohol intake and increased risk of upper aerodigestive tract cancer and other forms of cancer has been proved by various observational studies. Recently, a Meta analysis published in the Annals of Oncology has revealed that even moderate alcohol consumption slightly increases drinker’s cancer risk.


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The analysis examined the alcohol effects between light drinkers (those who on an average take one standard drink per day) and those who don’t drink at all to ascertain the relative risk of certain cancer forms.

Although the impact of light alcohol drinking isn’t massive on all forms of cancer, it considerably increases the probability of  larynx and pharynx cancer, esophagus cancer and female breast cancer. No increase in the risk of onset of colorectal cancer, liver cancer and larynx cancer was reported.

The Meta analysis presented only the effect of light alcohol drinking on cancer and did not mention its effects on a person’s overall health and risk of common lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular illnesses or obesity.


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