E-Cigarettes, devil in disguise?

E-Cigarettes are the latest boon of technology that can be a healthier alternative to smoking, but is it really so?


Meenakshi Chaudhary
LatestWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: May 27, 2014
E-Cigarettes, devil in disguise?

Technology has shown several promising solutions to our problems. One of such latest gift of technology is the e-Cigarette which can be of great help for people who trying to quit tobacco smoking.  However, recent developments have posed a question mark on the electronic version of the deadly smoke.

E-cigarettes are believed to be a healthy alternative to smoking however there is still no evidence to support the claim. Although, e-cigarettes are considered to be a solution to smoking due to their purported therapeutic role in smoking cessation, however there is not enough evidence to suggest that consumers should try e-cigarettes.


Another problem with e-cigarettes is that smokers often use them in public but still smoke regular cigarettes at home. E-cigarettes are being used conveniently in public places while at home the real cigarette is the preferable choice. People who appear to have quit on cigarettes just because they can be seen using e-cigarettes, still continue to expose children and other family members to dangerous second-hand smoke.


E-cigarettes may also not be completely safe. It's just that, because they are fairly new, their long-term health complications that are yet to be discovered. E-cigarettes, just like the regular cigarettes, contain nicotine which counts as drug exposure regardless of the mechanism used. Most people do not know what is inside an e-cigarette. Inhaling smoke released from an e-cigarette has the same impact on the lungs, causing problems like asthma and other respiratory problems. Using e-cigarettes along with regular cigarettes poses the risk of second-hand smoke exposure, causing worsening respiratory effects on children and asthma sufferers.


Electronic cigarettes also encourage smoking behaviors. Several recent studies have found that e-cigarettes are increasingly used by non-smokers and young people. Studies also suggest that users of e-cigarettes are more likely to try out traditional tobacco products once they used to smoking behaviors and have experienced nicotine.

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