Does Diabetes Cause Tremors

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May 31, 2013

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Diabetes is a health condition, which is associated with abnormally high levels of glucose (or sugar) in the blood. It can be indicated by many signs and symptoms. Type 2 diabetes is the most dangerous form of this health condition and if not controlled properly, it can cause complications. Increased hunger and thirst are the most common signs of diabetes but there are others as well, such as weight loss, passing out, blurred vision and headaches. The patients suffering from diabetes might also experience fatigue and dry mouth.


Reason behind Diabetes Tremors

Diabetes has several life-threatening symptoms, like seizures and comas; it may even cause brain damage. Another sign of diabetes is the onset of tremors. There are cases, wherein the diabetic patients may experience a feeling of shakiness in hands, limbs, head or voice that they can't control. Diabetes can lead to peripheral neuropathies, nerve damage to the extremities, which can also cause hand tremors. This happens when their blood-sugar level drops drastically, below 40 mg/dl. The range of low blood sugar may vary from person to person, and the tremors start because the brain doesn't have enough sugar to control your body.


Are Diabetes Tremors Similar to Parkinsonian Tremors?

In some cases of diabetes, tremors are caused due to low blood sugar level. The patients experience same quiver as someone experience with Parkinson's disease in the early stages. The legs may shudder uncontrollably or the hands may tremble. In diabetes, tremors may accompany with painful and spontaneous muscle cramps.


How to Cure Diabetes Tremors?

To control tremor in type 2 diabetes effectively, you must consult a doctor to find a relevant treatment else it can turn to severe hypoglycemia. It is very important to manage blood-sugar level in the body, for this, the patient may be asked to take glucose tablets. You can even treat a sudden episode of low blood sugar by eating or drinking something with sugar in it. All these help in getting blood sugar level back up in the short term.

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