Disciplining Your 1 Year Old Child

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Apr 29, 2011

Your 1 year old bundle of joy One year old child has had an eventful year so to speak. There are a lot of things he has learned and experimented with. His senses of hearing, touch and sight are developed after 1 year and he is ready to explore the world around him. Disciplining your child at such a tender age when he wants to experience everything around him, can be quite challenging. You as a parent are his guide for the future journey that life has in store for him. Positive affirmations and directions to discipline a 1 year old child can prove very beneficial for his personality development.

Instructions on Disciplining your 1 year old child


  • The word 'no' should not be used too often for correcting a child’s behaviour. Instead direct eye contact and explanation of the problem in a calm and simple manner will work much better. Positive reinforcement of your instructions with laughter and smiles rather than saying 'no' will have a much better impact on your child. He understands when you are trying to boss him or being amicably helpful despite his age.
  • Parents should let the child see for himself the consequences of his action. Say, your child has a habit of dropping cookies and you immediately replace it with another one. Don’t do it. Let him realise the consequences after he has dropped his cookie, i.e. he is not left with any cookie to eat. Do the same if he drops his toys knowingly. If he has broken a toy by throwing it, make him realise what he has done and show that the toy does not work any longer for him to play with.
  • If you are aware of what your child can and cannot do, it would be better for you and your child.  Children grow at different rates and you should not get worried if some of his natural attributes are taking longer than usual to develop.
  • Be realistic in making promises. A child, even though only a 1 year old, is able to understand that you bluffed. It does not have a wholesome impact on his personality.
  • Be firm when a child throws a tantrum for something such as an extra candy. If you give in to these tricks, he will make a habit of doing it every time.

The best way to discipline a 1 year old child is to give a good example for them to follow. If you as a parent have a calm and measured discipline in your personal life, disciplining your child would be easier as he will imitate you for the rest of his life.



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