Difference between Natural Condoms and Artificial Condoms

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Sep 26, 2011

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Natural CondomsNatural condoms mean those that are made of naturally occurring substances such as lambskin. Artificial condoms are those that are made of chemically procured substances such as latex or polyurethane. Most of the people around the world use artificial condoms as they provide more protection than natural condoms. Under some special circumstances such as latex allergy, some people demand for natural condoms, among which the lambskin condoms are most used.


Difference between Natural Condoms and Artificial Condoms


  • Natural condoms are made from natural products such as lambskin while artificial condoms are produced from latex or polyurethane.
  • Lambskin or natural condom is known to give a different type of sensitivity to the usual latex or polyurethane. Men do not feel them on.
  • Natural condoms transmit warmth a lot better than artificial ones.
  • Natural condoms are not as safe as artificial condoms because of the small pores in them. Particularly for protection from sexually transmitted diseases, the natural condoms are rendered useless as the small pores can let in the viruses that cause the STDs.
  • Natural condoms are almost as good as artificial condoms in providing protection from unwanted pregnancy. They are able to prevent the transmission of sperms despite the small pores. These pores are too small to allow the sperms to go through.
  • Artificial condoms are less expensive when compared with natural condoms. They are needed for people who are allergic to latex.
  • Natural condoms do not provide good protection when used during oral sex. Artificial condoms provide the best possible protection from the dangers of oral sex such as transmission of HIV and other STDs.


Natural or lambskin condoms are a kind of male condom. They have a sheath that is made from an intestinal membrane of the lamb. They can cover the penis during sexual intercourse and provide effective contraception. This is the oldest known method of contraception, the oldest form of condoms. Some historical records show that such condoms were used as early as the initial years of the Roman Empire.


The use and utility of lambskin condoms is under question by some who say that since other ways of protection from latex allergy have been developed, it would make sense to phase out the lambskin condoms. These condoms may still be left with the use of allowing more pleasurable sex between spouses or committed relationships.


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