Diaper Dermatitis in Adults

Rash Prevention - Know all the precautions needed for prevention from diaper dermatitis. There may be cures available for the disease but prevention is always better than cure.

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Diaper Dermatitis in Adults

Diaper Dermatitis in Adults

The availability of adult diapers have greatly aided the comfort of the elderly, especially for adults suffering from specific illnesses like acute diabetes, and incontinence. It is a boon for patients who are paralysed or bed ridden and need assistance every time they want urinate or defecate. Diapers can prove to be the ideal solution in such cases, saving the patient the inconvenience of using toilets frequently. However, there are some issues pertaining to the usage of diapers, which need to be addressed. These are quite similar to nappy related problems in infants, which occur after prolonged usage.

Diaper Dermatitis or diaper rash as it is commonly known as, can sometimes cause painful repercussions and can even result in extremely uncomfortable sleepless nights. Irritant diaper dermatitis is caused in older people as well as kids, due to lack of hygiene and prolonged exposure to human waste, which can sometimes toxic substances.

Treating diaper dermatitis caused due to extensive nappy usage, is not difficult. However, the treatment is time consuming and it is always wiser to control a persistent and irritable condition, then to treat it. Read this guide to follow some simple measures that can be adopted for managing dermatitis and preventing it from recurring over and over again.


Diaper Dermatitis in Adults: Preventive Action

Some simple changes in your daily habits that can be of major help in managing diaper dermatitis include:

  • Stick to a hygienic routine when it comes to nappy usage. You need to maintain cleanliness by changing the diapers before they are too soiled and the unclean surface touches the skin. Change your diapers within regular intervals and keep checking periodically. Also, you must always keep the nappy area dry and clean for preventing skin infections which might cause rashes.
  • Some adults prefer to use a neutral, moisturising cream in the nappy area during diaper change. These can actually help prevent dermatitis. Ask your doctor to prescribe one for you. 
  • Always use a diaper which fits properly. Regardless of which variety of diaper you may use; the fitting needs to be snug and comfortable. Never use a diaper which is too tight which leads to the lower surface of the diaper touching your skin continuously. Prolonged exposure to acidic urine can cause the skin to develop itchy rashes.
  • It is always better to use disposable diapers for preventing nappy rashes. This is because disposable diapers are highly absorbent and the chances of infection or bacterial growth are naturally less. Also, disposable diapers will keep the nappy area drier for longer. Cloth diapers are being increasingly rejected since one needs to use a plastic panty over it for leakage prevention. This causes the temperature within the nappy area to rise, breeding germs and bacteria.

Although there are specific medical treatments available for diaper dermatitis, keeping the illness at bay is what you should aim for. Prevention is always better than a million cures.


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