Dear women, here are 5 signs of Leukaemia you probably don't know but should

You are very likely to be familiar with the term Leukaemia  and equally likely to be unaware of the symptoms of this disease. Here are the 5 common signs of Leukaemia  that you must know.

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CancerWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: May 03, 2018Updated at: Nov 05, 2018
Dear women, here are 5 signs of Leukaemia  you probably don't know but should

You might have heard or read the term "Leukaemia " several times but how many of you know what exactly Leukaemia  is. It's okay if you didn't pay attention to your biology classes then, we won't judge you. Besides, if everyone had remembered so much they'd learned in school, won't everyone be a doctor?

But just like we keep ourselves updated about stuff happening around us, everything from politics, new policies to sports, only a few of us care about having awareness on health and diseases.

Needless to say, if there is anything that should be top priority for any government or an individual, it has to be health. But, sadly, health care sector has not been prioritised as it should have.

But do you think it’s fair to put all the blame on government while we fail to take our own well being seriously by not doing something as simple as getting health checkups done every year?

That said, prevention is better than cure will always hold true. But, you can only be able to prevent anything if you are being careful and alert, negligence towards health should never be an option.

So, you may be wondering why did I begin with Leukaemia  and then abruptly started giving “gyan” on taking care of health. Well, just like any of you I had remembered reading about the disease in school but I only cared to know about it more seriously when the mother of one of my friends recently got diagnosed with it.

Here is what every woman should know about Leukaemia

Our body produces new blood cells, most of which come from bone marrow, a spongy tissue inside some of the bones, such as hip and thigh bones. While in people who are suffering from Leukaemia , one of these new blood cells mutates and becomes cancerous, which then starts making copies of itself and this is what causes the disease to progress.

For adults, the typical age for Leukaemia  onset is anywhere from 50 -70. The thing about Leukaemia  is that it has several sub-types depending upon the type of cells that mutate. The symptoms depend upon the sub-type of Leukaemia  but some of the symptoms overlap with the ones that tend to show up in the common type of Leukaemia. 

Here are some symptoms of Leukaemia  that you should watch out for:

Pale skin

The skin turns pale in Leukaemia , as the new cells that are damaged by cancer can overtake bone marrow, making it difficult for healthy cells to grow. Since you are short of healthy cells, you’re more likely to develop anaemia which can make your skin look pale.  In addition, your hands may feel cold all the time due to anaemia


Just like several other conditions, fatigue is a common symptom of Leukaemia  too. So, if you feel tired all the time, may be, your anaemia is to be blamed.

Infections or fevers

Since blood cells are an important component of the immune system, having unhealthy cells due to leukaemia makes you more prone to falling sick more frequently.

Shortness of breath

Another symptom you should keep an eye on is shortness of breath.

Slow healing

If it takes forever for cuts and scrapes you get to heal or you are more susceptible to getting bruised easily, all of these symptoms can hint at the kinds of blood cell shifts associated with leukaemia.

So watch out for these symptoms and keep yourself and people you care for vigilant against leukaemia. Like I said, prevention is better than cure.

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