5 Common Relationship Quotes That Are Actually Myths

These relationship quotes that you might be believing in are not true but misleading. Read their facts.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: May 26, 2022Updated at: May 26, 2022
5 Common Relationship Quotes That Are Actually Myths

It is not always what you hear about relationships is true. There are various quotes and sayings on love that most people believe are nothing but myths. These increase expectations of people which creates a fake world of love. Eventually, a lot of true relationships face the wrath of these relationship myths. Scroll down to read what are these.

There is a soulmate waiting for you in some part of the world

You must have heard people using this phrase to console a person who has not found a partner yet. Besides, if someone experiences a breakup or cheating, they are also told to wait for their true love or soulmate. This only makes people wait for someone to walk into their life. They create an image of their partner and look for those qualities when they meet someone. This causes them to reject people who could be more than they deserve. Eventually, this increases expectations with no guarantee of fulfillment. 

Only people with similar personalities are perfect match

Common relationship myths

It is a myth that two people who are on the same page match well. It is no guarantee that same personalities would vibe well. It is easy to get attracted to someone with similar likes and dislikes but it is more important to have similar mindsets if you are aiming for a long-term relationship. On the similar lines, we would like to highlight the most-used phrase that can be attributed to be true and useful- opposites attract. Instead of two similar people with same interests, two people with opposite personalities are highly likely to be an ideal couple. Personality doesn’t guarantee a person’s nature and behaviour. It is a vague concept that needs to be busted in today’s real world. 

Love is all you need

This is another commonly used phrase that is said to idiolize the concept of love but there is nothing like reality and practicality in this. A lot of people get fooled because they think only love is all they need for a relationship to thrive. This is actually very personal because different people have varied natures, beliefs, priorities and outlook. You cannot expect from someone that they don’t seek materialistic benefits from their partner but only love and time.

Along with love, you also need to have other qualities like adjustments, dedication and obligations. These come along with a partner that you must abide by for a healthy and successful relationship. 

Getting into a relationship after breakup is the best cure

Common relationship myths

If you have had a breakup, do not hurry into a relationship. Just give yourself some time to regain your best senses and analyze what works for you. If you think you should get into a relationship soon after a breakup, it might land you in trouble. While your partner would expect you to be equally interested and involved, you might be lost in your ex’s thoughts as you are still not over them.

So, it is very important for a person to first get over a breakup completely and then look forward to get into a fresh relationship. Commitment is not the solution to overcome a breakup.

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