Colloidal Silver: A Natural Effective Cancer Cure

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Jul 13, 2012

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Colloidal Silver A Natural Effective Cancer CureColloidal silver is a liquefied form of silver and it has long been considered an effective cancer cure. It was touted as poison by mainstream medicine, but the latest research by scientists of National Institute of Health (NIH) in USA has proven its anti-cancer properties. However, research has only shown it to be a safe and topical antibiotic, not a panacea.


Research on Colloidal Silver as Cancer Cure


Starting from the 1940s, there was a campaign spanning decades against colloidal silver in USA, claiming that it is unsafe. This was backed by the FDA. Such claims have been refuted by the latest researches, and vindicated the claims of alternate medicine promoters that the oppression of colloidal silver was a ploy to protect the interests of pharmaceutical industry.

The two researches conducted by NIH on anti-cancer properties of cancer are:

  • Anti-tumour activity of silver nanoparticles on mice – Biologically synthesised silver was introduced in mice, and it led to a restorative effect as the tumour volume was significantly reduced. With the development of effective drug-delivery system based on differentiating between malignant and non-malignant cells, it promises to be an effective alternative to current drugs.
  • Antitumor activity of colloidal silver on human breast cancer cells – The finding of this research as much the same as the previous one. It was clear that colloidal silver can prove to be an effective alternate remedy for breast cancer treatment.


British scientists have come to the same conclusion. The researchers from University of Leeds not only tested the efficacy of colloidal silver on treatment of breast cancer, but also compared it with that of popular drugs. The team of researchers cannot offer an explanation about the way silver cures the disease, but they feel it is because of the structure around the silver atoms, called ligand.


Advantages of colloidal silver cancer treatment


The University of Leeds researchers have found that some compounds of silver are as effective in killing cancer cells as the popular chemotherapy drugs, but have much lesser side effects. The side effects of drugs such as Cisplatin, used widely for various cancers, include vomiting, nausea and damage to the kidney. On the other hand, silver is used in many everyday products and is never found to show such an adverse impact.

Study author Dr Charlotte Willans has expressed her excitement for the finding but she mellows it down by saying that there needs to be more comprehensive research to evaluate the effect of silver on cancer as well as healthy cells.

These researches should end the confusion on the use of colloidal silver as an effective cancer cure. It should form a part of mainstream medicine after the right dosage of the metal for cancer treatment has been finalised.


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