Climb Stairs Slowly to Burn More Calories

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Dec 15, 2012

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Climb Stairs Slowly to Burn More Calories

According to a new study done by the University of Roehampton, climbing a flight of stairs one step at a time burns more calories than cross-jumping multiple stairs.


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The panel of scientists from the University of Roehampton found that if a person climbs five flights of strairs only five times in  a week, he or she burns almost 300 calories on an average provided he or she does not leap multiple stairs while climbing. If the person takes two steps in every stride, he or she will only lose 260 calories.


Dr. Lewis Halsey, one of the researchers, said that his team was interested to know how much energy was spent when one quickly climbs two stairs at a time and when one takes one step at a time slowly.

The study made comparison of the calories burnt while ascending stairs per step at a time if done regularly with those burnt while climbing two steps at a time. It was concluded that taking one tread at a time aids in more calorie loss than taking two stairs each stride. Moreover, it may help in muscle toning as well as boost body’s rate of energy production.

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