Tired of treating split ends? Know what causes split ends

If you can’t seem to understand what causes split ends, read on to know the causes and avoid unwanted damage to your hair. The best way to avoid split ends is to pay a lot of attention to your hair care routine.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Sep 24, 2018 17:22 IST
Tired of treating split ends? Know what causes split ends

When cuticle (the third outer layer of our hair) is damaged, the scales on the cuticles separate and our hair become dry, thus resulting in split ends. Split ends make our hair look weak and dull and our hair loses texture and volume. In this regard, it is important for you to note that the only way of getting rid of split end is to cut off the damaged ends. 

Read on to know a few reasons that cause split ends and avoid any of these damage-causing practices from stealing good health of your hair. 

Over Brushing your Hair

While a few would love the unkempt look, there are those who want to look prim and proper always, as a result these people tend to over brush and compromise with their hair quality. Since over brushing causes split ends, it is advisable for you to stop doing this and be a little kind to your hair. 

Poor Diet

A diet lacking in essential nutrients can certainly cause your hair to dry and lose the natural lustre. This lack of moisture will result in split ends. So, the only way to avoid them is to include foods such as dark green veggies, legumes, beans, nuts, eggs, low fat dairy products, and carrots in your diet. It is best to go for a variety of foods. And, for those of you who go on crah diets, here’s some bad news: crash diets aren’t well-rounded diet and deprive your hair of essential nutrients required for hair health. 

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Overuse of Hair Styling Tools

Styling can often result in dry hair. These tend to rob your hair of the moisture and leave them dry and unhealthy. Limit your hair exposure to styling tools such as dryers, curling rods, crimping irons and straightening irons, as they encourage split ends. Although for many people hair styling is the most unavoidable but if you want your hair to look their best, minimal harm must be caused to them.

Undergoing Chemical Therapies

Chemical therapies and using products such as hair colours and relaxers can speed up hair damage as the chemicals present in them are harmful for your hair. Initially these seem to work magic for your hair but the real damage is caused to the internal layers of your hair, thus resulting in split ends. 

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Excessive Shampooing and Conditioning

Of course, for the scalp and hair to be in good health and shape, you need to shampoo and condition your hair, but when you overdo , it dries your hair. If you’re worried because your scalp is oil you can ask a trichologist to recommend a mild shampoo.  Condition your hair post shower because it seals the cuticle. 

Constant use of Hair Accessories & Changing Hair Style

  • Unless bobby pins and barrettes do not have a rubber tip do not use them because these rip the hair strand.
  • Do no tie your hair with scrunchies everyday because they weaken the hair and encourage split ends; if you must try your hair, use a soft scrunchy with rubber bands.
  • Avoid wearing tight pony tail and braids because these can cause your hair line to recede and will weaken your hair roots and apparently this will cause your hair strand ends to split.
  • Hair accessories with metal link will make your hair to be caught in them and pull your hair apart.

Make sure you follow a healthy hair care routine to minimise damage to your hair and remove the causes from the root.

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