Brush up your Kissing Skills

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Mar 26, 2013

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Brush up your Kissing Skills

Kiss is more than just a physical affection facet it also reflects your nature and personality. Since kissing has primal and important role in relationship don’t leave it on chance. Are you worried about your kissing skills and prefer to avoid the situation? If yes then the best way to turn the insecurities into strength is to work on your kissing skills.


  • An important clause in the rulebook of kissing is that keep your lips moisturised and supple. For both men and women, soft lips are must when it comes to kissing.
  • When both of you are close and sitting together, start by looking into your partner’s eyes. This will give your partner a message that you want to get closer. Before initiating the kiss it is very important to know whether your partner is ready for it. To be sure about your partners stand give a mischievous smile and watch out what you get in return. If you get smile or any other welcoming signal from your partner then you can safely move on.
  • Once you get the signal to move on get closer to your partner. Remember that slow is always sensuous, rushing will give feeling of desperado’s attempt.
  • Slight touch will promote feeling of intimacy when you are close enough. Boy can lightly touch girl’s cheeks while the girl can stroke the hair. 
  • Now that you are ready for the moment, make sure that your lips are not tightly pressed together. Instead they must be relaxed. Position yourself at the right angle; slightly tilt your head to line up the lips. With a right position you are eliminating the chance of missing the sensual moment. As you begin the contact slightly part your lips. Make sure that your lips are neither too much opened nor too closed. In both the cases your partner may not be comfortable. Too closed lips will give impression that you are not interested in the kiss while your wide mouth may make you partner feel that he/she is being ‘swallow up’.
  • When you are about to kiss, close your eyes and let your sensations drive you. Some people are not comfortable to kiss with open eyes so close them for the passionate kissing experience.
  • Now gently touch your lips to theirs. Don’t hurry in pulling back, take your time and enjoy the moment.
  • After you finish the kiss look- into your partner’s eyes with a smile. 


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