Biotin for Hair Growth

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Jan 25, 2013

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  • Biotin or Vitamin B7 and is essential vitamin for the healthy growth of body.
  • Body naturally produces biotin utilised for strengthening muscles and bones.
  • Loss of B complex from body results into unanticipated hair loss.
  • Biotin supplements are considered safe; one must know their pros and cons.


Biotin is considered to be an essential vitamin supplement for facilitating the growth and development of hair cells. Besides, it is known to be beneficial in several other ways. Considering that the administration of internal medications such as supplements of biotin for hair loss has always been associated with complications, it will perhaps be better to get your facts right before starting on it. Once you are in a position to choose from a more informed perspective, it will be better to seek medical advice before starting on any supplement.

A biotin molecular modelBiotin for Hair Growth

  • Biotin is the other name for Vitamin B7 and is one among the eight most essential vitamins required for the healthy growth and development of the body. It is also a part of vitamin B Complex. B complex vitamins help in metabolism by boosting the energy levels of the body.
  • Biotin is a product of bacteria and yeast. The body naturally produces biotin, which is utilised for the strengthening of tissues, muscles and bones.

    Additionally, biotin is found in huge amounts in brewer’s yeast, meats and legumes. It is responsible for the healthy growth and development of skin and hair cells. It works by stimulating the hair cells for producing stronger hair.

  • When the body has sufficient supplies of biotin, it will automatically tell your hair production unit that everything is in order. Similarly, if the body loses essential vitamins such as vitamin B7, the limited supply of which will be diverted from non essential procedures like nail and hair growth to the more essential ones for the sustenance of life. Therefore, your hair will be deprived of the amount it requires for normal growth. The result will be unanticipated hair loss.

  • The body, normally, has enough reserves of biotin to provide for all essential and non essential processes. If you are recovering from a serious illness or have had a recent delivery, there may be a lack of biotin in your system that will be characterised by hair loss. In such cases, you may be advised to rely on biotin supplements to make up for the loss.

  • Intake of biotin for hair loss is considered to be a safe option. There are no harmful repercussions of overdose since the extra amount will always be expelled from your system. Considering that biotin is beneficial for your system, supplements will always be good for you.

Before considering biotin for hair loss, it is important to rule out the underlying causes of hair loss such as thyroid problems and diabetes. Make sure a complete medical check-up has been conducted for a thorough assessment.


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