Bathroom Safety for Babies

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Dec 30, 2011

Bathroom safety for babies

When babies start crawling, there is no stopping them from entering any part of the house. There are times when they just disappear from our sights and take refuge in places which we usually end up checking last. One of these places is the bathroom. This article talks about bathroom safety which is more than just keeping things out of the baby’s reach.

Babies usually pick up the stuff within their reach and promptly put it in their mouth. Imagine what all can your bundle of joy put in his/her mouth, if he/she reaches the bathroom. Following are some bathroom safety tips, which will ensure that your bathroom is safe for babies.



Most babies love water. So, they will play with it whenever they get a chance. Ensure that there is no water left in the bathtub and the buckets. While bathing the baby, do not overheat the water. Always remember to keep toilet lids down as your curious kid might topple. Also, make sure that there are no leaky faucets, since the accumulated water is a haven for germs and also makes the surface slippery.

Bathroom Products


Another important bathroom safety tip for babies is to keep various cleaning apparatus out of the reach of the babies, preferably locked up. Keep toilet cleaners, acids in the bathroom, detergents and  soaps and shampoos out of your baby’s reach.Faucets –s Faucets, which are easily within the reach of the babies, need to be installed with childproof locks.




There is a leaky faucet, it is attended to be immediately. However, there are times when the bathroom surface is wet and this makes it slippery. Use bathroom mats and nonslip mats in the bathroom.Also keep a nonslip mat in the bathtub for additional safety. Ensure that the shower area is wiped clean after every use.


Electrical Appliances


Finally, ensure that all your electrical appliances like the hair drier and shaving machine is safely locked up in a drawer after use. This will ensure that there are no accidents since it does not take long for a baby to pull the chord, if it is in sight and within reach.


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