Bad Job Drains You Emotionally

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May 09, 2013

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Bad Job Drains You Emotionally

If you’re working out of a sense of obligation or lack of alternatives, you might be having a physical and mental depletion from continuous stress and excessive job demands, suggests a new study by the researchers from the Concordia University, the Universite de Montreal and HEC Montreal.

The study found that people who stay in their organisations owing to an obligation towards their employer or because they don't perceive employment alternatives outside their organization, they are more likely to experience burnout.

260 workers, working in various industries including information technology, health services, engineering and architecture, were surveyed. 33 per cent of the respondents held managerial positions while 50 per cent worked in the public sector.

Co-author Alexandra Panaccio, an assistant professor in the Department of Management at Concordia's John Molson School of Business, explained findings of the study, “our study examined whether some forms of commitment to an organization could have detrimental effects, such as emotional exhaustion and, eventually, turnover."

The research suggests that employers should try to minimise the 'lack of alternatives' type of commitment among employees to help develop competencies, thus increasing their feeling of mobility and, paradoxically, contributing to them wanting to stay with the organisation.

The study is featured in the journal Human Relations.



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