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Baby Names Starting With C with Meanings

NameMeaning Gender Religion
ChiranjeevImmortal BoyHindu
ChandramukhiAs beautiful as the moon GirlHindu
ChaitraAries sign GirlHindu
ChunniA star GirlHindu
ChristinaAnointed, Christian GirlHindu
ChitrarekhaPicture GirlHindu
ChitrangadaOne of Arjuna's wives GirlHindu
ChitramalaSeries of pictures GirlHindu
ChitralekhaBeautiful design, A celestial maiden GirlHindu
ChintanikaMeditation GirlHindu
ChhayaShadow GirlHindu
ChhabiPicture GirlHindu
ChimayiBlissful GirlHindu
ChetnaPower of intellect, Alert GirlHindu
ChashmumMy eyes GirlHindu
ChanchalaRestless GirlHindu
ChandaniA river GirlHindu
ChandanikaDiminutive GirlHindu
ChandrabaliKrishna`s girl-friend GirlHindu
ChandrabhagaRiver Chenab GirlHindu
ChandrakinA peacock GirlHindu
ChandralekshaA ray of the moon GirlHindu
ChandraniWife of the moon GirlHindu
ChampabatiThe capital GirlHindu
ChandrikaMoon GirlHindu
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