Artificial Bone Generated

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Jul 26, 2013

Replacing lost cartilage in limbs won’t be a far-fetched dream now. Thanks to the scientists in Granada, Spain, who have successfully developed ‘artificial bones’ from umbilical cord stem cells.

artificial bones generatedThe discovery would pave way for bone repair. It is a new bio-material that facilitates generating bone tissues or artificial bones.

Laboratory results look promising, though the model has not been applied in living organisms. Manufacturing of medicines for bone repair osteochondrial could benefit from it.

The scientists plan to test the bio-material by implanting it in experimental animal models like rats and rabbits to see if it can regenerate bone in them.

The important scientific breakthrough has come after years of researching cell biology, radiology and material studies.

The method of stem cell differentiation uses a three-dimensional support and facilitates obtaining cell types implicated in bone regeneration in cell culture conditions not requiring additional differentiation factors or factors that differ from those present in the cell culture serum.

Discoveries before this have only been able to develop material that fulfils the basic function of stimulating cell differentiation but a biologically complex material similar to bone tissue has never been provided before.

The patent developed in Granada could have numerous applications in stem cell use in regenerative medicine, as well as in treating bone tissue and cartilage lesion problems.

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