Adoption Tips: Planning To Adopt A Child? Here's All You Should Know

Adopting a child is more than anything that you thought. There are specific rules that one should know about adopting a child

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jan 21, 2020Updated at: Jan 21, 2020
Adoption Tips: Planning To Adopt A Child? Here's All You Should Know

Parenting is a huge responsibility. More than anything, it is always easier and natural for the parents to love their blood than others. However, with the changing lifestyle increases the chances of infertility in women, it is now common to see couples going in for expensive treatments to conceive. However, this does not guarantee everyone the bliss of bearing a child. However, several couples are now also taking adoption as a feasible step to have a family. But, the easier it sounds, the adoption laws in India are more complicated than you ever thought. Adopting a child is a thoughtful decision, involving not only prospective parents but also their close relatives. It is a long process, which requires perseverance and endurance. More than anything, it is essential for the couple to be physically, mentally and emotionally stable and financially competent as well. Furthermore, they should be true to themselves about their health before adopting a child as that little person will rely on them for everything in future.


Basic Rules For Adoption

Read below to know the necessary criteria to apply for adoption in India:

  • Approval of both parents is essential before adoption. This option is not limited to married couples only. Single people too, whether male or female, can apply for adoption.
  • Adopting parents can be of any religion, non-resident Indians and even non-Indians living outside India. They are all eligible to adopt a child under the Juvenile Justice Act (Care and Protection of Children), 2015.
  • If the child is four years old, then the sum of the ages of both parents should be 90 years. Also, the minimum difference in the age of each of the child and prospective parents should not be less than 25 years.

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If you fulfil these pointers, these tips and ways can further help you in applying for adoption in India:

1# Registration: The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) of the Government of India is the central body, which provides the facility of child adoption according to government guidelines.

2# Documents of Proof: Parents must first register online on the website as an applicant willing to adopt. After this, many documents will have to be uploaded on the website to submit the registration form successfully. After all the documents are uploaded, your application will be ready for consideration. Necessary documents required here include identity proof, birth certificate of parents, proof of residence, income proof, marriage certificate, family photographs, certificate of fitness of parents. Recommendation letters from two people who know the family well (should not be close relatives). If the adopter is a single parent, the consent of a relative is required to take care of the child in case of an accident.

3# Home Study Report: Once the registration is complete, the parent is required to contact the respective specialised adoption agency and prepare a home study report, which contains the social and economic status, family background, details of the home, environment and health status of the parents applying for child adoption.

More than anything, we also have our celebrities setting some motherhood goals, where actresses like Sushmita Sen, Raveena Tandon are loving mothers to their adopted daughters: 

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Adopt Legally

Any person should strictly follow the legal adoption process, no matter how cumbersome this process may seem. To avoid the hassles of the government process, many parents adopt a wrong path through a parent broker and adopt a child directly from the nursing home. This can create severe problems for both the child and the parent in future. To avoid such circumstances, the legal process of adoption should be strictly followed, no matter how cumbersome it looks as it is the right way to deal with this sensitive issue.


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