About Oral Chelation for High Blood Pressure

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Apr 01, 2013

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About Oral Chelation for High Blood Pressure

Chelation is the process in which substances called chelating agents bind to metals or toxins to enable the body to safely excrete them in urine or faecal matter. Oral chelation cleans the arteries and elimination tract and improves the general resistance power for longer and healthier life.

Chelation The scientific community generally supports the use of chelation for heavy metal detoxification. Chelation theryapy can help lower blood pressure, which includes decalcification (reduction) of plaque, reduction of free radicals and lowering of blood cholesterol, but its use is still controversial.  

Oral chelation therapy initially takes a couple of months’ time. The chelating agents, such as EDTA, can pass through the stomach and enter the bloodstream unaffected. Oral chelation therapy is given in the form of liquids, pills or capsules and it generally lasts for several weeks.



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