5 Fashion Items that Might Ruin your Health

Many things in your wardrobe can be very harmful. Some fashion items which are a part of your daily routine can affect your health in many ways. Know five fashion items that may ruin your health.

Varsha Vats
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Nov 23, 2018
5 Fashion Items that Might Ruin your Health

When it comes to fashion and style everyone loves to be on the top without missing any trend that's going viral. From uploading the best picture on the internet to looking great at your office, fashion maintenance is required everywhere. But do you know many things in your wardrobe are harmful? Certain fashion items which have become a part of your daily routine can ruin your health in many ways and you are completely unaware about it. Apart from proper hygiene and clean clothes you should also be very particular about the types of clothes you choose. Here are five fashion items that may ruin your health in some way or the other. 

Tight jeans

Super skinny jeans might be the way to highlight your curves but they may take a toll on your health. Tight jeans create an effect of compression on your legs, which compresses the nerves and reduces the blood flow through your legs. The pressure formed can further lead to numbness and pain in thighs. If you wear super skinny jeans every day for a longer period of time then it can further lead to dilated veins, muscle damage and even poor digestion. There are several other options apart from skinny jeans to look great which you can choose, which are also very much trendy these days.

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High heels

High heels take your overall look up a notch. They match with almost every outfit from jeans to dress. It is also the best tool to increase your height effortlessly and instantly. But women who wear high heels face a lot of problems than those who don't. High heels can cause problems like joint pain, ankle sprains, and even nerve damage. High heels put pressure on your spine, back and knees. High heels also increase the risk of osteoarthritis.

Heavy handbags

Women try to carry almost everything in their handbags. They carry every small thing and even large items to avoid any kind of problem. But this increases weight on your shoulders. Women carry extra large handbags which weigh too much. It puts too much load on your shoulders. It causes strain on your back, shoulders and elbows. You should avoid carrying unnecessary stuff in you bad and only keep the thing that you actually required. You should also not carry your handbag on one shoulder only. Try to changes shoulders to avoid too much stress on one shoulder only.

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Body Shapers

When you want to hide your side bulges and extra fat around your stomach, body shapers come to your rescue to look sleek in your outfit. Body shapers are extremely tight and fitted. Body shapers can lead to muscle pain. It also harms your internal organs as it puts pressure on them. It can also lead to shortness of breath and poor blood circulation. Some women use body shapers for thighs as well which leads to pain in thighs. You should avoid wearing body shapers on regular basis and feel comfortable in your own size.

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Heavy jewelry

Heavy jewelry can also affect your health. Jewelry might be a great way to enhance the overall look of your outfit but it can lead to some serious health issues. Heavy neck piece around your neck can cause strain on your neck. Heavy earrings can affect your earlobes and can also lead to injury in your earlobes.

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