Tips to Take Care of an Elderly Woman

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Oct 19, 2011

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Tips to take care of an Elderly WomanTaking care of elderly is not as easy as it sounds to be. Most individuals who need to take care of elderly people in their house are already loaded with other responsibilities. The very first step towards taking care of elderly women is to realise that she needs care as we did in our childhood. Here are some tips to take care of an elderly woman that will surely help you to make right decisions and render best care.


Know about her Health

The first step towards caring for an elderly woman is to understand her. Jot down all the information about her health issues, make sure that you depend on the reliable sources. If she suffers from any health condition then talk to doctor about the treatment and prognosis of disease.


Understand Her

Find out the activities that she enjoys. Try to engage her in the activities that she loves but make sure that they don’t pose threat to her health. This will take care of emotional well-being as well as overall health.


Talk to Her

Most women in their elder age feel that they are left alone. If your busy schedule and responsibilities does not allow you to give her long hours then try to spend quality time with her. Ask her about the special memories from the past. To foster the conversation you can use a simple photograph or any other sentimental item. 


Be Ready for an Emergency


Another important tip for taking care of elderly women is to have an emergency contact list. Prepare list of emergency contact list that includes phone numbers of doctor and reliable relatives or friends. Most importantly make sure that the list is in easy approach.


Make schedule

Making schedule doesn’t mean restricting her from doing anything. Instead the schedule must contain details about the next doctor’s appointment and about the relatives that are about to visit your place. This will keep the elderly person informed about what is happening and the events will not come as surprise to her. Take them to out of house on weekly basis. This will help them to stay connected with the surroundings and bring smile on their wrinkled face!!


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